How To Write Fast And Neat With Good Handwriting

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Learn how to write Faster with good handwriting.

Hello friends, want to connect your pen to your nerves? Here’s the surgery course! Good handwriting means it should be legible and written at the preferable speed. You don’t need handwriting which can take away anyone’s specs. But also, you don’t even write that people have to wear specs. So let’s start.

How to write neatly 

To write fast, you must have legible handwriting. If you have it, then scroll the page down.

1. Use a Branded pen to improve handwriting

Either you would be with your favorite brand of pen, or your choice could be changing. Be with your favorite pen. If you haven’t made it, then make one for yourself.

But a favorite pen doesn’t mean you’re fascinated by it. It should be accustomed to your hand. When choosing a pen, you should check its grip & smudge.

Don’t trust superstitions like you should use a lightweight pen or while writing not to put up the cap. It’s all your hand’s comfort. Yeh! Hold your pen at a medium distance.

2. Sit in a Good Posture to write faster

While writing, don’t bend your backbone. Just bend your hip joint. It’s made to be bent. But maintain the right angle with your chair. Next to do is to keep a distance from your sheets. It’s helpful for your eyes also. Do you tilt your sheet while writing? Don’t worry, 90% are so. It’s a comfortable habit.

I prefer a tripod grip for holding a pen or pencil, but you may choose your own best way to hold the pen and enable you to write well.

Writing on page neatly.

The biggest question is — how to pen down words properly. It plays a vital role in neat writing.

Few Tips on handwriting styles.

  • Write in a consistent form of writing. It means writing a complete sheet with the same type of font; if it’s cursive, don’t let it change.

3. Just observe it

  • Write with alignment. If your one word’s base overlaps the printed line, then all other words must follow. If one word has a distance from the printed line, all other words must maintain that optimum distance.
  • If your words slant a bit, it’s ok. Don’t make it much slant.
  • Write, giving consistent space between your words. You can keep measuring it with your index finger or middle finger if you wish.
  • Letters like (a,c,e,o,w,u,r,s,z,x,v,m,n) having no extensions should be written with the same height. Letters (q,t,y,p,d,f,g,h) having extensions should have their extensions at the same height. And their main body must match up with the rest.

4. Premium tips to write fast and neat

An easy way to write legibly is to copy. If you feel anyone’s handwriting like you dream of it to be yours, you can simply copy him. And it can be a modified version of your writing. But remember, a fool can’t even copy. The second one is practising. Not just writing 500 pages or so.

I am not talking about typical practice writing. You should first analyze yourself and choose which letter or combination of letters you can’t write correctly. And write it 100 times. Else you can note your fairs fairly. That will be enough practice.

HowHow  to write quickly and become a faster writer.

As well, it’s necessary to save time while writing. So respectable handwriting speed is also essential. Here are a few tips to improve your writing speed.

5. Hand Exercises to write faster

Now you are done with legible handwriting. You have done a lot of practice. So your hand would have cramped. Just get it relaxed first to write fast. I can suggest some exercises like-

  • Make a gentle fist, wrapping your thumb across your fingers. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Release and spread your fingers wide.
  • Hold a softball in your palm and squeeze it as hard as possible. Hold for a few seconds and release.
  • Place your hand flat, palm down, on a table or other surface. Gently lift one finger at a time off of the table and then lower it.

These will increase your fingers’ range of motion and flexibility to write Fast.


If you’re writing for an exam and want to write fast, you must have outputs like what you have to write. How will you get it? It depends on your input. How much understanding you have of the subjects and how fast you form things. How quickly you generate the output is how fast you write.

Closure tip and Conclusion to write fast and better.

You know how to move your pen with beautiful handwriting and can make it much faster with practice. Like writing your notes, closing your book can make up your input-output system. Doing hand exercises can help your fingers make the pen their partner. So do whatever idea you have got and Best Of Luck!